Egging Incident

So something happened at my place of study (who says that tho), and I just had to write about it. Last Friday night, the Black Student Union was having its annual sleepover and I attended it. There was food, music and games. It was actually fun. At about 10 pm when things where beginning to settle into a comfortable rhythm, I started gisting with people. We were having a good conversation about something that I cannot presently remember, when we heard a very loud bang on the glass door. We were in the InterCultural Center, which has glass doors and panels facing a quad area.

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My songs of the moment!!!

I think I have a weird but amazing taste in music. These are just some of the songs that are constantly being replayed on my phone

1)Ferrari by Yemi Alade– This song has become my official national anthem. I love the beat and the words. I think some people took it too literally, but its something fun to sing and mime to on my way to class.

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Good News People

So last Saturday, i was sitting in my living room, watching youtube videos when I got an email without a subject. The email was from the Dean of Science telling me that I had been accepted into this year Summer Research Program. The first thing I did was to call my mum.We screamed for a good two minutes over the phone and I could hear my dad telling us how crazy we were. Research is very important in the field of Science, and I am extremely grateful to have the opportunity to participate in one at a young age.Some things that I believe are important when applying for research opportunities as a college student include:

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