Where did the year go?

Hello wonderful people!!! So today I was working in the lab, and I asked my lab partner for the date so as to write on some culture tubes. He said 27th of June. Chai!!! 2016 has almost finished oo. Now, Now, now, the year has gone half way, and some of us are still thinking about the pepper soup from last year’s christmas holiday.

My mind immediately went to all the New Year’s Resolutions that I and many others made. I┬ástarted thinking about the ones that have been accomplished, and the ones that were still in the works. to my surprise, a lot of them are steadily moving forward. Read more


My Father’s Day tribute.

My aunty told me that when I was younger, I really loved indomine noodles. She said that two people had to feed me at once because I would cry if there was no food in my dad, and my dad would inherently be one of them. As the ada of the house, I have always had my dad wrapped around my fingers.

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Remembering People

I know its been long, abeg nobody should remove my head. I have been so busy with my summer research, and the days just keep flying by. I didn’t realize it was going to be a 9-5 kind of thing, but all the same, I am grateful for the opportunity that I have to be working on this amazing project with amazing people. Once I get back, I lie down to watch like one movie and the day is over. I keep questioning if it is the same 24 hours that other people have that I have. Mid last week, I realized that I haven’t reached out to all the people that I said that I would reach out to this summer, and it made me feel very sad. So, I have taken it upon myself to do the following things to make sure that I am not kicked out of the lives Read more

That Psych class

So I officially declared a psychology minor this past semester, and I took my first psych class as well (Psych 01). The class was very interesting,and it enabled me decide whether I actually wanted to minor or not. But that isn’t really the story for today.

The month of March was a particularly trying one for me. It was one of those times in college when you start questioning if university is really worth it. Classes, friends, and life in general were burdening me, and I was trying to be a superwoman by not acknowledging Read more