College advice to incoming first-years-College series #2

Heyyyyy!!! Yes, it has been a while but you all know my excuse by heart. I have a new-found respect for people who spend their lives working in a lab; really, for anyone who works an 8+ hour job. Whenever I get home, all I want to do is eat and sleep. All my energy is drained. Well that’s not the focus of today. This post is for everyone who will be going to college this fall, or anytime in the near future. First of all, congratulations on your graduation. You are about to become the glorified college student. Welcome, welcome *in my hunger games voice* I will be splitting the advice into sections, so read on.

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Bloom where you are planted…

So this post is a follow-up on last week’s post¬†on setting goals. The title itself I got from this amazing speaker that I follow on youtube, Glory Edozien: How to Practice Contentment. As I was re-reading my post from last week, I thought to myself, ‘Adaora, these are actually good and practical ways of setting goals, and if all goes well, your goals would be achieved.’ But therein comes the problem, “if all goes well…” What if all doesn’t go well, or all isn’t going well as fast as you hoped, what happens then?

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