Another week, Another story-Blog #4 Part 1, Kenya Jan term

It’s our second week here, and I am definitely sleeping better. I still take uncontrollable naps in the afternoons but that can’t be jet lag anymore. Last weekend was packed, so compared to that, this week was very chill. As usual, I will give a breakdown of days’ events and what I loved and learnt from them. Read up on my weekend¬†here Read more


It’s the weekend,…we gonna have some fun tonight!!!-Blog post #3-part 2, Kenya Jan term, travelogue

So part 1 ended at my adventures on Friday, so this post encompasses my first weekend here. Because our weekdays are filled with lots of work, our professor put in a lot of tourism into our weekend. It was fun to do because we got to see parts and works in Kenya that wasn’t limited to what our specific NGOs or Daraja were doing. Read more

This week was amazing!!!-Blog post #3-Part 1, Kenya Jan Term

My people, how una dey? I hope everything is going well. This past week I got very sad news that the Nigerian Airforce had ordered a drone-strike on its own people. They said they thought it was Boko Haram terrorists, but that is simply unacceptable. Two days after, President Buhari left the country on a two week annual vacation. Who does that? I am so mad, but I am having fun on my trip. I decided to do a week by week  breakdown of how Kenya has been. Read more

We are here!!!-Kenya Trip, #Blogpost2

My people, how far? After traveling for 21 hours on the plane, 7 hours on a bus, and 3 days in general, I am relieved to let you all know that I am here. I am a frequent traveller, but I can tell you that this is the loooongest trip I have ever taken in my life. When we got to our destination, I did not feel like a human being at all. Let me take you back to the beginning of it all.

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I’m going to Kenya!-Blog post#1, Kenya Jan Term

I Am From

I am from Chris and Clara, Mabel and Akudu.

From the wombs of the South-East.

From flat lands and steep hills.

I am from yam eaters, cassava eaters, rice eaters.

I am from sarcasm, honesty and humor.

I am from ‘put it on my head,’ ‘get the remote,’ and ‘do they have two heads.

I am from rice every Sunday after church, and village for Christmas.

I am from breasts that nestled six, and arms that embraced all.

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I went to Nigeria!

I know I have been out of it for a while, but the important thing is that I am back. First of all, I want to wish everybody a Happy New Year! It’s 2017 people. We made it out of 2016, and I could not be happier. Since this post is focused on my trip to Nigeria, I will wait for another to talk about my 2016 challenges and successes, and my hopes for 2017.

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